Sid Meier's Ace Patrol Wiki

The following table lists pilots available in Sid Meier's Ace Patrol.


Image Name Occupation
Todd Smith Todd Smith Senior Network Engineer
Brian Whooley Brian Whooley Senior Software Engineer
Kiran Sudhakara Kiran Sudhakara Interface/Software Engineer
Susan Clark Susan Clark Non-Firaxian


Image Modeled after Occupation
Elizabeth Elizabeth Non-Firaxian
Greg Foertsch Greg Foertsch Senior Artist
Pete Murray Pete Murray Marketing Associate


Image Name Occupation
Unknown Unknown Non-Firaxian
Brittany Steiner Brittany Steiner User Interface Programmer
Jason Johnson Jason Johnson Lead Environment Artist
Lena Brenk Lena Brenk Producer
Ned Way Ned Way Senior Systems Engineer
David McDonough David McDonough Lead Designer
Katie Mann Katie Mann Non-Firaxian
Josh Barczak Josh Barczak Senior Programmer
Pamela Weatherly Pamela Weatherly Non-Firaxian
Todd Bergantz Todd Bergantz Audio Lead


Image Name Occupation
Steve Martin Steve Martin Head of Studio/President/COO
Amber Hinden Amber Hinden Former Producer
Sid Meier Sid Meier Top Rank - Director, Creative Development
Susan Meier Susan Meier Special Projects Coordinator
Sid Meier Sid Meier Rookie Rank - Director, Creative Development