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This American ace served during World War I, and was the first airman to receive a Medal of Honor. This ace and his friend Joseph Frank Wehner continually volunteered to attack German observation balloons, a highly dangerous task with a very high casualty rate. With 18 confirmed aerial victories, he is the second among US pilots in number of victories during World War I.
This ace is a veteran of World War I and a recipient of the Victoria Cross. Initially he was suspected to be a social misfit and coward, but after his first assignment he started accumulating victories. By the end of this first combat tour, he had tallied in 15 victories. After returning to duty he accumulated another 45 victories. This ace was one of the world's first theorists of aviation tactics.
This World War I ace and Medal of Honor recipient is America's most successful fighter ace in the war, with 26 aerial victories. While on a voluntary patrol over the lines, this ace attacked seven enemy planes. Disregarding the odds against him he dived on them and attacked. This ace was also a race car driver, automotive designer and a pioneer in air transportation.