Sid Meier's Ace Patrol Wiki

This page lists a number of tips from Firaxis' Sid Meier himself. Use them to your advantage!


  1. If you're looking for an extra challenge, turn Permadeath on in the Options menu.
  2. The Randomized Damage option can add new challenges and surprises to campaigns you have already played.
  3. If all of your pilots become POW's you lose the game; select a pilot with 'Escape Artist' to avoid losing.
  4. Using cloud cover will aid damaged units in staying out of harm's way, and creating a diversion.
  5. Don't just use clouds to avoid taking damage; use clouds to set up traps for enemy pilots.
  6. Keep an eye on each pilot's altitude; friend and foe. This will help your pilots line up more accurate shots sooner.
  7. When upgrades are received, try to equally dole out new features among your team. This will reduce the chance of you losing a star pilot, or leaving rookie to fight on their own.
  8. Look for a green arrow; this move will always do some percentage of damage.
  9. Pilots will retain damage until the end of a battle, so keep an eye on your pilot's health before sending them on another mission.
  10. You can add custom colors and decals to your planes so your favorite pilots are easier to spot on the battlefield.
  11. Check the Pilots portrait for a small plane icon, this shows how many enemies this pilot has shot down in the current mission.
  12. If you are unsure about what maneuver to perform, check the Ace-O-Pedia for help.
  13. For a more authentic experience you can choose to have all male pilots from the options menu.
  14. In higher difficulties, it is ideal to attack bombers and photographers as soon as possible to reap the maximum reward.
  15. Play multiplayer games to practice and test certain game tactics.
  16. Sometimes, going for maximum damage isn't the best option - keep an eye out for traps set by your opponent.