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Name that Ace

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Think you know your real life Aces? Can you guess their names from a description of their exploits? Test your knowledge in Name that Ace and see if you really have the chops.Take the quiz >
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Sid's Strategies

The one and only Sid Meier has a number of tips to share to make your Ace Patrol experience that much better. Want an edge? Or just a twist? You’ve come to the right place.

Click the "read more" link below to be taken to Sid's tips.

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Featured Articles

  • Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies maneuvers

    Wonder what the difference between a Split S and a Yo-Yo Right is? Can’t tell a Dive Bomb from a Fast Dive? Worry not--this helpful chart will get you up to speed. And if you already know your way around a cockpit, then please help improve this section.

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  • Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies planes

    From Zeros to Sallies to Hellcats, the wild blue yonder in Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies reads like a who’s who of World War II aircraft. This section breaks down the specifics: hit points, speed ratings, and maneuverability.

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  • Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies plane upgrades

    B25Mitchell USN
    Plane upgrades give you the added oomph you need to turn the tables on battle or get your way out of a sticky situation. Are homing beacons, superchargers, protective armor and the rest worth investing in? You make the call.

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It was tradition for some pilots to decorate their Warbirds with images of lovely ladies, sometimes based on celebrities. Who would your pin-up girl inspiration be?

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